EQE Outdoors


eQe Professionals

eQe Outdoors uses established and accredited techniques and approaches, drawn from the expertise of eQe people in:

  • Outdoor Therapeutic Approaches, Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches and Rites of Passage
  • Outdoor Learning, Forest Schools, Bushcraft, Survival and Long-Term Living Skills
  • Army Officer experience
  • MBA level Senior Management and industry director level experience
  • Therapy and Counselling, including Play Therapy
  • Primary and Secondary Teaching
  • Training
  • Environmental Sciences

Through our diverse team of experts, eQe programmes and interventions are designed and strategically targeted at specific client groups with different needs and objectives.

For detailed information about our programmes and interventions, please contact us directly at enquiries@eqe-ltd.com

BEST OF THE BEST – Our Trained Consultants and Trainers

eQeOUTDOORS programmes and interventions are ONLY delivered by appropriately experienced and qualified individuals. Consultants have first been rigorously assessed, selected and further trained by eQe in line with eQeOUTDOORS Policies and Procedures, and further trained in line with the eQeOUTDOORS Best Practice and Ethos. Where appropriate this includes training in therapeutic approaches and practice as required.

Some of our Therapeutic and Outdoor Consultants and Practitioners are also qualified and experienced senior managers, army officers, experienced teachers and trainers, who understand the pressures and drivers in your organisation. This enables them to work strategically with you to ensure whatever specific objectives you have are met, for example relating to:

For Business and Other Organisations

  • Creative problem solving and creative decision making
  • Strategy
  • Team building, analysis and feedback
  • Group or individual envisioning
  • Dealing with change

For Schools

  • Inclusion and engagement of all pupils – mainstream, special needs and EBD
  • Curriculum integration, enrichment and enhancement
  • Differentiation
  • Data collection, formal assessment and evidencing

Others in the eQe team are drawn from wildly different parts of industry and life experience, bringing a rich and valuable diversity of specific expertise, experience, knowledge and professionalism we can apply in order to uniquely colour and season our programmes to the benefit of all participants.

Our very experienced and recognised industry professionals have an impressive range of professional experience. This all means eQe OUTDOORS is able to give a truly superior experience for participants and trainees.


ROBIN SHEEHAN – Director of Outdoor Programmes and Interventions

Robin is also a Director for the humanitarian crisis organisation Global MapAid

Senior Management

In industry since 1983 as an environmental scientist, before eQe he was most recently a Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa for a $0.5Billion multinational software company, and is an experienced MBA-qualified senior manager with a special focus on strategy. He has been in Director or Senior Manager positions since 1998.

Outdoor Programmes and Interventions

Robin ensures the highest standards in design and delivery of explicitly therapeutic outdoor interventions and mainstream outdoor programmes by eQe. He combines experience of bushcraft, survival and long-term wilderness living skills with Wilderness Rites of Passage, Wilderness Therapy and Wilderness Mentoring, as well as mainstream Forest schools and expert therapeutic input from other eQe professionals.

Since 1983 Robin has built up a tremendous amount of professional experience as an outdoor learning specialist, a professional Environment Scientist and also a senior manager and director in industry. He first worked as a Met Office Climatologist and Agricultural Meteorologist, before working on environmental applications and systems for environmental monitoring from space. Following this Robin was an Oceanographer at the British Oceanographic Data Centre, specialising in Coastal Zone management and implemented the first UK Digital Marine Atlas. Robin also has an MBA and a Masters degree in Natural Environments and Plant Growth and is bushcraft and backwoods survival trained. He is a Forest Schools Practitioner, a qualified secondary science teacher and outdoor learning specialist. Robins’ professional Forest Schools portfolio has been described as “the perfect portfolio” by the foremost UK Forest Schools organisation – He delivers the highest standards of Forest Schools content and pedagogy.

BRIDGET SHEEHAN – Managing Director and Co-Founder

Bridget Sheehan received the Play Therapy International Award in 2006 for the work she spearheads. She is also the creator of Th.Inc Room (Therapeutic Inclusion Room) model which is widely recognised, and is implemented across the North West in over 100 schools, and continues to be newly implemented in schools by eQe today.

The Alf Morris Centre was set up by Bridget Sheehan in 2002 as a Primary Learning Support Unit, funded by Excellence in Cities, with the brief to provide a ‘therapeutic’ provision for pupils in the surrounding Primary schools, who were failing to access school fully for emotional reasons. As a qualified teacher and therapist, Bridget Sheehan was able to combine educational and therapeutic approaches to produce a unique intervention.

The work progressed to enable schools to use improved combinations of interventions themselves, with training programmes developed by Bridget Sheehan. The first Th.Inc Room(Therapeutic Inclusion Room) were also established in the surrounding Primary Schools.

The Alf Morris Centre closed in July 2008 when EIC funding ceased and eQe was set up by Bridget Sheehan to further support and develop the use of these approaches within educational settings.

Since 2002, Bridget’s work has progressed much further than anyone could have originally imagined, and it continues to develop, enabling schools to utilise superior combinations of interventions themselves, via capacity building training programmes, designed, developed and delivered by eQe’s experts. To date, over 120 schools have introduced eQe’s approaches and many more have accessed eQe training and eQe’s Th.Inc Room model is implemented in over 100 schools.

I led a Creative Problem Solving session with the Senior Leadership Team and it was very productive – thanks again for such a great course!

— Senior Manager