EQE Outdoors


Our Programmes and Interventions

Our programmes are specifically designed for a range of groups and objectives, including schools, businesses and other organisations, and bespoke adult and family groups.

The portfolio ranges from very focused and targeted programmes, dealing with a variety of objectives, from Corporate, Team and Management Training and Envisioning, to mainstream Forest Schools-based programmes, and Outdoor Learning and Bushcraft-based programmes, through to precisely and professionally targeted Therapeutic Outdoor Interventions, Dealing with Change, and Rites of Passage.

eQeOUTDOORS programmes uniquely integrate conventional and outdoor teaching and learning pedagogies, bushcraft skills and survival approaches, with award winning professional and accredited therapeutic expertise, and also MBA-level management expertise, resulting in a unique and powerful portfolio of outdoor programmes and interventions.

For specific details of our unique and proven programmes and interventions, please email us at enquiries@eQe-ltd.com or call Robin on 0796 225 4433


Our outdoor programmes are specfifically designed for a range of clients and objectives, including businesses, bespoke adult groups, and schools:

BUSINESSES: 15 years of MBA and Director Level experience is drawn upon to address corporate, management and teams, with specific objectives designed in consultation with you, for example:

  • Creative Problem Solving and Creative Decision Making
  • Strategy
  • Team Building, Analysis and Feedback
  • Group or Individual Envisioning
  • Dealing With Change

BESPOKE ADULT GROUPS: We work with a range of adults in different contexts, including families, whether fun, experiential or therapeutic:

  • Rites of Passage and Dealing with Change
  • Private groups with specific objectives
  • Family groups
  • Special needs adults and adults in care
  • Single-sex groups
  • Outdoor experience sessions

JUST FOR SCHOOLS: For schools, eQe have a unique and powerful portfolio of Outdoor Therapeutic Interventions and mainstream Forest Schools and Outdoor Programmes. We also train your staff to run many of these yourselves, including our Therapeutic Interventions.

These are established and mature programmes,, and evaluation data from clients and participants proves the consistent effectiveness of these programmes, run by eQe professionals or run by your own staff trained by us.

Our programmes and interventions for children and young people range from:

  • A portfolio of explicit therapeutic outdoor interventions for all school age groups and ranges of identified requirements
  • Mainstream Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning programmes for all ages from Early Years and Foundation Stage to Sixth Form, but specifically targeted for different groups and requirements, in consultation with you
  • Project-based outdoor programmes for Key Stage 4 to Sixth Form, with a curriculum/project or personal development focus
  • Other specialist programmes for a variety of identified groups, tailored in consultation with you
  • Bespoke programmes designed and implemented in consultation with you, to identify and meet your specific needs

And for school management and staff:

  • Capacity Building your school, by training your staff to run our expertly designed mainstream programmes and therapeutic interventions themselves
  • Training, Workshops and INSET for school teams on Outdoor Learning; Using Your Space; and Demystifying Forest Schools
  • Senior management training and staff events for team evaluation and (re)building teams; envisioning of staff and management; motivation of individuals and teams; leadership and followership training; management strategy and decision making training

For specific details of our unique and proven programmes and interventions, please email us at enquiries@eQe-ltd.com or call Robin on 0796 225 4433

A very rewarding day for the participants. …It had achieved clarity and focus.

— Senior Manager