EQE Outdoors


Capacity Building Programmes – Training your staff to run our programmes

We are specialists in training and capacity-building and have been successfully doing this since 1998. Capacity-Building Training is primarily aimed at:

  • Whole staff, staff teams and managers, typically in schools
  • Adults working with adults in a variety of roles and settings
  • Adults working with children in a variety of roles and settings

Capacity-Building for schools is the main thrust of our training and skilling identified members of your staff to confidently, competently and safely deliver:

  • One of our range of Mainstream Outdoor Learning programmes
  • One of our range of explicitly Therapeutic Outdoor Interventions

These Capacity-Building programmes and interventions are delivered and modelled from your site, hands on and with your own participant groups.

All eQe training consultants are experienced trainers and are highly qualified and experienced in their respective areas of expertise.

To find out more about these targeted programmes and training, please contact us directly at enquiries@eQe-ltd.com or phone Robin on 07962254433

Best course ever attended.

— Teaching Assistant