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Wilderness Therapy and Wilderness Mentoring

Wilderness therapy can be defined as having two elements:

  • Actively and expertly applying professional therapeutic approaches and techniques in the wilderness
  • Passively facilitating and allowing the wilderness to be the therapist

eQe OUTDOORS programmes and interventions are designed to work at both of these levels:

  • Our targeted Therapeutic Outdoor Interventions are explicit in their expert application of therapeutic approaches and techniques in the wilderness and woodland environments to impact specifically identified needs and objectives and specific areas of emotional intelligence. The effectiveness of eQe’s therapeutic interventions is well established (since 2002) and proven in both formal evaluation data and research and valuable anecdotal evidence.
  • Our mainstream Outdoor learning, Bushcraft and Forest Schools based programmes work implicitly benefiting the individual through developing and improving wellbeing and self-esteem, exploiting the well documented positive effects of expertly guided exposure to wilderness and woodland.

The eQe OUTDOORS Wilderness Mirror

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eQe OUTDOORS programmes and interventions are designed and developed by professional accredited therapists and outdoor learning specialists, developing participants both internally and externally.

Internally:in areas of personal development through

  • self discovery
  • self respect
  • emotional intelligence
  • wellbeing
  • true self esteem (doing the right thing because they choose to, rather than because they have been told to)
  • being able to cope with change and making transitions in life

Externally: in areas such as

  • Rites of passage – making decisions and dealing with changes in our lives
  • respect for others and diversity
  • social skills
  • confidence, leadership and teamwork
  • responsibility for self and change
  • strategy and planning in one’s own life and situation
  • decision making
  • bravery
  • confidence and communication

For specific details of our unique and proven programmes, interventions, Rites of Passage and dealing with changes in life, please email us at: enquiries@eQe-ltd.com or call us on 0796 225 4433

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