About eQe

eQe people have been training others since 1998

eQe – Equilibrium and Enablement – was established in 2008, having grown out of the previous decade of therapeutic work spearheaded by Bridget Sheehan via Excellence in Cities, since 1998.

eQe and eQeOUTDOORS work with a range of businesses, organisations and schools to enhance mental health and wellbeing of both children and adults.

  • In 2016 Robin Sheehan (Director, eQeOUTDOORS) was invited to consult for the NHS on the use of community woodlands and NHS greenspaces, focusing on how to measure the impact on wellbeing operating in these spaces. Working alongside the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, his contributions are in the document “ROOTS TO WELLBEING- A handbook for evaluating and communicating the wellbeing impact of woodland social enterprises”
  • In 2006 our Lead Therapist received the Play Therapy International Award.

All content for eQe and eQeOUTDOORS training programmes and interventions has been developed by professionals. 

eQe utilises the expertise of our highly qualified, very experienced Outdoor Specialists, Wilderness Vision Quest Guides, professional Environmental Scientist; Army officers; trained Teachers; industry specialists; and of course the expertise of our award-winning Lead Therapist and the team of Therapists and Counsellors.  All content has been carefully designed to have maximum impact, with specific objectives, groups and individuals in mind.

All of our training programmes and therapeutic interventions have been developed specifically for training children’s workers to run them, sustainably. 

In our work with children – eQe work with a broad range of issues, ranging from mainstream children with everyday basic social and emotional issues, low confidence and low self-esteem, through to children with deeper issues, behavioural issues, and additional identified and diagnosed issues like ASD, ADHD, MLD / SLD.  We have designed and implemented a number of targeted Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions, because they are all designed and constructed to be impactful at different age / ability levels and developmental levels.                                                                         

In our training, we draw on eQe’s unique expertise and long experience of combining different disciplines, and designing successful and impactful Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions.

eQe people have been:

  • Delivering professional therapeutic provision and interventions in schools since 2002
  • Teaching and training people since 1998
  • Working professionally with the natural environment since 1983


eQeOUTDOORS’ explicitly therapeutic programmes and training are structured and progressive, integrating recognised and established Therapeutic Approaches:

Challenging, Diverse Activities and Structured Projects Uniquely Integrating:

  • Wilderness Therapy
  • Change and Transition Management
  • Established Therapeutic Approaches
  • Self-Mastery
  • Rites of Passage
  • Advanced Bushcraft
  • Backwoods Survival and Hunter Gatherer Skills
  • Long-term wilderness living skills
  • Environment Mastery
  • Creativity, Strategy, Problem Solving


ALL eQeOUTDOORS programmes are designed to generate growth of individuals:

  • Perseverance and Resilience
  • Tolerance and Respect for Others
  • Bullying Response and Behaviour
  • Confidence and “Can Do” Attitude
  • Self Motivation; Self Regulation; Self Awareness
  • Empathy and Social Skills
  • Respect for Our Community and World
  • Integrity, Trust, Openness
  • True Self-esteem and Dignity
  • A Desire to Explore and to Learn
  • Tenacity – Don’t Give Up
  • Concentration
  • Team Skills, Practical Skills

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