eQe Accredited Training

eQe people have been training others since 1998

Developed by professionals, all content for eQe and eQeOUTDOORS training programmes and interventions utilise the expertise of our highly qualified, very experienced Outdoor Specialists, Wilderness Vision Quest Guides, professional Environmental Scientist; Army officers; trained Teachers; industry specialists; and of course the expertise of our award-winning Lead Therapist and the team of Therapists and Counsellors.  All content has been carefully designed to have maximum impact, with specific objectives, groups and individuals in mind.

All of our training programmes and therapeutic interventions have been developed specifically for training children’s workers to run them, sustainably.

In our work with children – eQe work with a broad range of issues, ranging from mainstream children with everyday basic social and emotional issues, low confidence and low self-esteem, through to children with deeper issues, behavioural issues, and additional identified and diagnosed issues like ASD, ADHD, MLD / SLD.  We have designed and implemented a number of targeted Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions, because they are all designed and constructed to be impactful at different age / ability levels and developmental levels.


Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches and Interventions The Level 2 Award for schools

Training exclusively for school staff, with your own identified children

Designed only for schools, to be impactful and accessible, and as a sustainable investment, run by the school ongoing.

Impact Assessment training and reporting built in.


The Certificate in Advanced Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches

A unique and comprehensive accredited qualification equipping you to design and implement your own Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions and applications, typically for:

Therapists and Counsellors; Outdoor Practitioners; School Staff; Children’s workers; Prospective children’s workers



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