Track Record and Impact Assessment

Track Record

The impact of eQe wilderness therapeutic approaches, interventions and training has been measured and proven since 2011, and eQe’s indoor interventions since 2008.   

Using impact assessment data over a period of time, from a range of different schools and widely different profiles of children, our Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions show dramatic changes in children using Standardised Therapeutic Measures over only 8 half-day sessions:

  •  88% of children reduced their Total Difficulties Scores, e.g. in Externalising Behaviours (Conduct and Hyperactivity), and Internalising Behaviours (Emotional Problems and Peer Problems)
  • 95.5% of children improved their Pro-Social Scores


eQe and eQeOUTDOORS have trained hundreds of school staff and children’s workers in both Indoor and Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches and specific Interventions, subsequently impacting thousands of children through a range of targeted programmes and interventions.

eQe people have been:

  • Delivering professional therapeutic provision and interventions in schools since 2002
  • Teaching and training people since 1998
  • Working professionally with the natural environment since 1983

eQe utilises the expertise of our highly qualified, very experienced Outdoor Specialists, Wilderness Vision Quest Guides, a professional Environmental Scientist; Business Coach; Army Officers; and also the expertise of our award-winning Lead Therapist and team of Qualified Therapists and Counsellors.  All content has been carefully designed to have maximum impact, with specific objectives, groups and individuals in mind.

  • In 2016 Robin Sheehan (Director, eQeOUTDOORS) was invited to consult for the NHS on the use of community woodlands and NHS greenspaces, focusing on how to measure the impact on wellbeing operating in these spaces. Working alongside the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, his contributions are in the document “ROOTS TO WELLBEING- A handbook for evaluating and communicating the wellbeing impact of woodland social enterprises”
  • In 2006 our Lead Therapist received the Play Therapy International Award.


All of our training programmes and interventions have been developed by experienced trainers, teachers and therapists.


eQeOUTDOORS continuously develops and pioneers Wilderness Therapeutic Practice and training, targeting both children and adults.

Personal Visions…

“By the end of the day, the whole group had identified their own personal visions and desires for the year ahead; worked through group and team visions, fears and concerns that were now in the open for management to take away and consider; and they had agreed a single primary vision and achieved a corporate sense of mission for the year ahead.”

Clarity & Focus…

“A very rewarding day for the participants. …It had achieved clarity and focus.”

Creative Problem Solving…

“I led a Creative Problem Solving session with the Senior Leadership Team and it was very productive – thanks again for such a great course!”

Positive, authentic…

“I have to admit there are people who will always stay in your mind as nice, positive, authentic…  and Robin is definitely one of them.  Cheers from Germany, Thomas Heckmann, Senior Solutions Consultant, ServiceMax”

Wild Crew

“If it had not been for WILD CREW I don’t think that we would have been able to keep xx on roll” – Cardinal Langley High School

Wild Crew Training

Wild Crew is the best training I’ve done since qualifying as a teacher 10 years ago – Class Teacher, Wythenshawe.

It’s amazing…

It’s amazing to see year 6’s really playing and just being children – Sendco, Wythenshawe

Being outdoors

The impact of being outdoors in woodland was so powerful – our young people gained lots of resilience from just realising they could manage as well as achieve – TA, Manchester Hospital School.

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